What is Giid?

Giid (pronounced "guide") is a mobile app which provides audiences with live insights during performances.Insights are received by the audience in real time.

Our purpose is to make the Performing Arts accessible to everyone. The unique and non-obtrusive technology will increase audience acumen and appreciation for the Performing Arts.

Who benefits from Giid?


Increase community accessibility to the Performing Arts - not just the seasoned audience members.


Giid educates audiences to provide life long learning no matter their age or experience.

The Performing Arts

Giid enables artists to provide an insightful and unique experience to audiences. An inspired and engaged audience will increase retention.


Provide sponsors greater exposure to audiences with personalised messages and direct links to their websites/social media pages.

When and Where?







Will Giid disturb other patrons?

Giid's interface is designed to minimise the impact to other patrons

1. Giid app locked until the user turns the phone to silent mode
2. Users have direct control of the display and screen brightness in the app

A short tour of Giid Click below to see demonstration

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  • Before the Concert: Artists create content (guides) using the easy to use web portal. Multiple guides can be created for each piece.
  • At the concert: Audiences select the artist from the app home screen.
  • Before each piece: Audiences select their program of choice for each piece.
  • During the performance: Audiences receive program notes in real time. Program notes are sent to the audience using the artist web portal.
  • Supporter engagement: Artist's supporters engage with audiences using personalised messages and direct links to their website / social media page.
  • Reduce printing costs: Audiences can read PDF versions of printed concert programs.

+61 418 886 555 & info@giid.me

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